College Recruiting

Experience Counts in Getting Our Athletes Discovered

Arizona Storm has proven to be one of the top clubs in recruiting with a high percentage of our athletes going on to compete at the collegiate level as well as having success while there. We are very pleased to announce that Terri Spann will continue to serve as the recruiting coordinator with Arizona Storm. She comes with experience and a background in recruiting at the collegiate level.

With so many student-athletes competing today, it is hard to get seen by college coaches. So instead of waiting to be discovered, Terri will guide you in the right direction to make sure you are seen. Every player has a different athletic and academic background so each player will have individual access to receive advice and guidance from Terri. All you have to do, is ask!

Terri Spann / Director / Recruiting Coordinator

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Join Terri Spann as she host her Recruiting 101 Course every season!